Forever Fathers…

Fathers give so much more than they take. They never seem to be to tired to fix the new broken things or see the newest craft project, Fathers are the playmates and are an endless well of knowledge, libraries of experience, and the protector.

They work long hours, even when they are sick. Sleep very little at times because they had work to do. The diet they consume… is questionable at times. They are the first ones up and the last to bed. Or they give up a life with family inorder to support their families.

Most fathers bare the aches and pains of work in silence, never complaining of the burden they carry. They harbor a longing to be still and enjoy life but also a deep seeded need to go above and beyond to provide a safe stable environment for their children.

Dad’s are super heros to their children. The embodiment of courage, strength, and protection. They are the monster killers, creepy crawly crunchers, fishing partners, tinkering tradesmen and so much more!

To him, you will always be his little man or his beautiful blessing. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep you safe and cared for. You are his child, his blood, and his future. Everything changed in his world the moment he became a father.

Fathers, love God, love your families, and take care of yourselves! I hope all of you had a blessed day with thoughts of the heavenly Father in your head and a heart full of happiness.


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