Adventures in Creation

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalms 19:1 NKJV

One of my favorite places to be is nature! God is a wonderful Master at all He puts His hand too. My family loves one of the nature parks near our home the best. We have hiked there since they were old enough to be carried, so always! It is almost like going home every time we walk those familiar paths. We know all the best swimming holes and all the best secret places the park has to offer. Or at least we think we do…

Every time we go, there is something new to see, a squirrels nest swaying high in the limbs, an animals den nestled between tree roots, minnows swimming lazily in the shallow waters, insects going about their day to day tasks. All of nature working together to produce harmony and balance. The Lord spoke all of this into being, all the harmony and balance that we feel and see in nature is because the Lord of lords and King of kings deemed it so!

Our favorite areas always seem to be beside the water. The cool breeze that comes from the surface is refreshing on a hot day. We came across this tree stump on our walk last summer. There had been extreme flooding that year and the tree had seen better days. Upon seeing it my first feeling was sadness, that the storm had broken down such a lovely tree as this! However, once we started to look the stump over we noticed that the woodpeckers had already been hard at work drilling for bugs. At the top was a hole that looked as if some small fuzzy woodland creature had made this his castle fortress. Life would go on and the sacrifice the tree made in death, only brought about life and more abundantly.

The health benefits to being in Gods creation are countless! From grounding to sun gazing and back again. The list literally goes on and on. You can almost feel the affects of it immediately as the fresh air fills your lungs and the earth soaks up all your negativity… though I borderline hate that word I can’t seem to find a better way of saying it… There are chemicals released in a pine forest that heal that lungs to mention just one. I was mind blown as I realized that God in His endless wisdom gave us a planet that is proven to heal and take care of us. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not all about the mother earth movement in the church body, I am simply saying that the Lord made all things and all things work together for the glory of God is all. It truly amazes me to see the father in action!

Until the next outdoor adventure happens, may it be gardening, camping, fishing or hiking, may we all remember to thank God for the beauty that He gave us. For the healing power of His creation over our bodies. One of which is my favorite and that is anti-stress power. The ability to sneak away and find the presence of God somewhere in His marvelous creation. To meet with Him among the trees and to hear Him in the babbling of the water over the rocks in the river.

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